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Do you want to attract the attention of decision-makers and executives to your company, products and services?

Become a sponsor of the high-reach postings of Dr. Hafiz on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the largest business network worldwide. With over 700 million users in more than 200 countries and around 20 million professional users in the German-speaking countries. Four out of five users are decision makers in the business environment. A perfect environment for your brand, products or services.

Dr. Hafiz is one of the high-reach voices on LinkedIn. With his Social-Selling-Index he belongs to the TOP 3% of his industry and TOP 10% of the business network.

Benefit from the fact that even leading companies interact with our content. You will also receive the attention of global players. With our Sponsored Posts you can reach a qualified audience – people who hold important positions and make decisions about purchasing, a new service provider or business partners.

With the sentence “With friendly support of www.YourCompany.com” we offer the possibility to enterprises of placing themselves in particular as a sponsor of our range-strong content. The phrase is placed in front of our postings.

About Dr. Hafiz

Dr. Hafiz is one of the high-reach voices on LinkedIn. With his Social-Selling-Index he belongs to the TOP 3% of his industry and TOP 10% of the business network.

His posts find interactions with leading companies and global players.

With the range of his posts he usually reaches a wide audience of decision makers and professionals.

What are sponsored posts?
A sponsored post is a content we create on interesting topics and can be sponsored by companies. Because our postings on LinkedIn reach an enormous range (e.g. approx. 40,000 views), you gain attention and trust for your brand, products and services. As a result, you attract the attention of managers and decision makers.

How do sponsored posts work?
In our postings, the text “With the kind support of www.YourCompany.com” will appear in the line before the content of our posting with a link to your website. This will draw the readers’ attention to your company. The posting itself is made up of interesting content and has no direct advertising character.

What advantages do sponsored posts have over normal ads on social media?
Normal ads on social media are strongly perceived as advertising and may therefore attract little or no attention. As a sponsor of our contributions you will be perceived as a supporter of exciting content. The content of the contribution has no advertising character. You will therefore attract more attention.

Another advantage is that even leading companies interact with our postings. You will therefore also receive the attention of global players.

Which companies are qualified as cooperation partners for sponsored posts?
In principle, all companies from all industries are eligible to sponsor our postings. However, we only place sponsors in our postings if we believe that they can offer our readers interesting products or services and thus provide them with added value.
What do Sponsored Posts cost?

Each post on LinkedIn reaches a certain number of views (the number of people who have seen the post). As a sponsor you pay a fixed amount for the number of views, so there is no risk if the sponsored post does not reach a large audience. The price is 0.15 Euro per view. This means that for example, for a contribution with 5,000 views you pay only 750 Euro plus VAT. Approximately 2 weeks after publication you will receive an invoice with the views of the post as displayed by LinkedIn.

The remuneration is calculated according to the following model:

0.15 Euro X number of views = Euro compensation (plus VAT)

Calculation examples (plus VAT):

5.000 views X 0,15 EUR = 750,- Euro
10.000 views X 0,15 EUR = 1.500,- Euro
20.000 views X 0,15 EUR = 3.000,- Euro

Summary of your advantages as a sponsor

  • Target group with budget responsibility and opinion leadership.
  • High reach. Contributions up to approx. 40,000 views by specialists and executives.
  • Favorable costs without risk. You only pay for the actual views of the contribution.
  • High attention through exciting content without advertising character.
More questions?
If you want to cooperate with us as a sponsor of our contributions or if you have questions and suggestions on this topic, please contact us via

sponsor@hafiz.global or via LinkedIn


Within 2 weeks after booking, the words "With the kind support of www.Company.com" will be added to one of our postings, in the line before the content. The remuneration is calculated as follows: 0.15 Euro X number of views = Euro remuneration (plus VAT). Example: You pay 750,- Euro (plus VAT) for a post with 5.000 views. You will receive an invoice about 2 weeks after the posting with a screenshot of the views of the posting as shown by LinkedIn.
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